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Frequently Asked Questions

  When do the gates open?  
  The gates will open for early bird camping¯ at $20 per person on Thursday, July 28th beginning at 5:00PM.  
  What camping options are available?  
  All tickets (3-2-1 days) include general camping or families w/kids area. These areas have sun and shade and are not far from the parking area. Clay's Park offers many other options - cabins, "glamping" (preset tents with beds), RV sites with electric and water, and more. Call them at 800-860-4Fun to reserve those and be sure to mention promo code "REGGAE" when you call.  
  Can I bring or rent a golf cart?  
  You cannot bring your own golf cart. You can rent a golf cart through Clay's Park Resort HOWEVER that cart cannot be brought into the festival venue including the venue campgrounds and stage area. Golf carts rented from Clay's Park can't be driven off of the paved roads. The only golf carts allowed inside the venue will be for staff. This is for insurance reasons and will be strictly enforced.  
  Will pets be allowed in the venue/campgrounds?  
  Dogs are NOT allowed. There are several local kennels, click here to see a list.  
  I ordered my tickets online, how do I get them?  
  Tickets are WILL CALL ONLY. Please bring an ID to get your tickets. It is done this way to keep the costs down.  
  Can we leave the festival grounds and re-enter?  
  Yes, but you will need to go through the main entrance each time you leave and return. To re-enter you will need your wristband. You may be delayed when attempting to leave by car during peak arrival times on Friday/Saturday.  
  I hear there's a water park and swimming and stuff?  

Yes! Clay's Park has a 10 acre man-made, sand-bottom swimming lake with dual 150 ft. water slides, ring swings, zip lines, barrel roll and a kid's swimming area.


Other activities include unlimited use of water slides, kayaks, canoes, miniature golf, white sand volleyball courts, basketball and more. Please review and follow Clay's Park's water park safety rules to ensure a happy and safe visit. Life jackets are required in many areas of the Adventure Water Park. You are encouraged to bring your own life vest if it is well fitting and U.S. Coast Guard approved. Complimentary life vests are available in the Waterpark on a first come first served basis. The water park is open from 11AM to 8PM. No alcohol or dogs are allowed in this area.

  What will you be providing?  
  A golf cart taxi service will be offered to different stages and to the beach. There will be temporary port-o-johns bathrooms, handwashing stations and permanent water. There are also showers and flush toilets in the barn. Vendors will be selling a variety of reasonably priced foods and non-alcoholic beverages. There is an ATM in the venue. Firewood will be available for sale at the front gate, ice will be available at Mid West Reggae Fest’s Merch or both can be delivered by a golf cart designated to service the campground.  
  What emergency services will be available on site? What should I do if I need emergency assistance (medical, towing, locksmith, etc.)?  
  There will be 24 hour security and EMT's. If you need emergency medical attention, contact the nearest security official, go to the medical tent, ask a staff member or volunteer or check at the merchandise booth for assistance.  
  Where should I go if I lose track of my child, or if I find a child who is lost?  
  If you find a lost child or cannot locate your own, please go to the medical tent or locate a staff person.  
  Where should I go if I lose my keys, my wallet or my friends? What should I do if I find someone's stuff?  
  The Lost and Found will be located at the merchandise tent until after the show Saturday night. We suggest you bring an extra key to your car and/or your key code - this makes getting a replacement, should yours be lost, a lot easier.  
  What hotel options are there?  
  See this map for nearby hotels.  
  What kind of handicap facilities will you be providing?  
  There will be a designated parking/camping area for people with special accessibility needs behind the medical tent. Anyone with a legal handicap sign or license plate is welcome to camp in the handicap camp area with their car. We also honor any visible disability such as a broken leg or a wheelchair. There will be accessible restroom facilities (handi-capped port-o-john) and a wheelchair accessible space inside the concert area.  
  Can I bring my RV?  
  Yes. There is a designated RV area inside the venue in a prime location extremely close to the concert field. The fee is $35 per RV for NO electric or water. If you'd like an RV space with hookups, call Clay's Park resort at 800-860-4Fun for an upgrade and be sure to mention promo code "REGGAE" when you call.  
  Are we going to be able to camp next to our cars? Where will we be camping/parking?  
  Yes!  No extra charge!  A map will be provided at arrival.  
  What will we be allowed to bring into the campgrounds? What can't we bring?  
  You can bring your own food, beverages (NO glass), and gear into the camp ground areas. Acoustic music is welcome. Campfires are fine as long as they are controlled and a safe distance from your tents. No artifical music or electrified music gear. No pets, no nitrous, no laser pointers, no hassles and no bad attitudes!  
  Will bands be allowed to play in the camping area if not affiliated with the festival?  
  Some of the best jams at the festival happen around campfires! Acoustic music is great but no amplifiers are allowed. Please be respectful of your neighbors.  
  Is there cell phone service available at Clay's Park?  
  There are numerous cell phone towers in the area so service should be consistent.  
  How far is the concert venue from the camping areas?  
  All camping/parking areas are within easy walking distance of the concert field; some are within view of the stage. Those who camp in the Clay's Park campground (for cabins, glamping, RV with hookups) will be further away but still walkable.  
  Will bands be allowed to play in the camping area if not affiliated with the festival?  
  Some of the best jams at the festival happen around campfires! Acoustic music is great but no amplifiers are allowed. Please be respectful of your neighbors.  
  What can I bring into the stage area? What can't I bring?  
  Backpacks, lawn chairs, blankets, non-alcoholic drinks are all OK. You can bring in a cooler but it will be checked for alcohol. You cannot bring alcohol into the stage area but it will sold inside. Glass bottles will NOT be allowed in the stage area & campgrounds.  
  What is the taping policy going to be?  
  This depends on the band's taping policy so it's best to check in person to be sure before you put up your rig. Ask at the taping section in front of the soundboard for each performer's policy on audiotaping, videotaping and photography.  
  Will cameras be allowed in the concert (venue) area?  
  Generally yes, but see above. Avoid using your flash as most bands find it distracting and the flash won't help you in concert photography conditions anyway.  
  Can I bring my kids? Do they have to pay?  
  Children are always welcome at the Mid West Reggae Fest! Those 12 and under are free if accompanied by a parent.  
  What types of vendors will be there?  
  A variety of vendors will be cooking up breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks. There will also be crafts, clothing and all sorts of festival-type stuff. Don't forget the MWRF merchandise tent for t-shirts and all kinds of cool gear!  
  I'd like to volunteer to work at the festival. How do I do that?  
  Please contact  
  What rules does the festival have?  

We don't have many rules and most are covered under the simple phrase




However, there are a few specifics:
* No weapons of any kind *
* No ATV's or motorized vehicles *
* No laser pointers *
* No nitrous *
* No fireworks *
* No artifical music *


We reserve the right to remove and revoke.

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