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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When can we arrive?
NLQP is a family campground. You can enter Wednesday, Thursday or whenever you want. Cost will be additional $10 per head per day.

Are one day tickets available?

Tickets are only available in three separate levels:
• Friday, Saturday & Sunday ($100)
• Saturday & Sunday ($75)
• Sunday only ($25)
Day tickets can not be purchased. Once people are in the park you are free to stay until Sunday evening.

BYOB / What exactly does this mean?
Adults are allowed to bring in their own beer, soft drinks, liquor or water as long as it is in a can or plastic container. Absolutely NO GLASS. Any glass products will be confiscated by gate security who WILL search your car and cooler.

Are there Life Guards at the Quarry?
Yes! Licensed Life Guards will be on duty all weekend and in kayaks on the water.

Can I purchase tickets for Saturday or Sunday in advance?
No. Saturday & Sunday tickets are sold at the gate only.

What happens when I arrive?
Your car will be searched for bottles (and bodies) and your cooler will be examined. You will be asked to sign a waiver in order to enter NLQP. You will pay your admission and then drive to your parking spot or campground location.

Is firewood and ice available?
Yes. Firewood and ice will be available all weekend.

Is this for real? Can I really go to a 3 day reggae festival with 13 acts, swimming & camping AND BYOB for only $100?

Yes folks! This is all for real and why the Mid West Reggae Fest is one of the premier reggae festivals in the world!


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